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Series: New

Have you ever felt like your engaging new challenges with an old operating system? Have you wished there was a button you could push to upgrade?

Join us this January as we look at God’s invitation into “new.” It isn’t something you make happen, it’s something He’s been wanting to do in and through you for a long time.

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New | Series

January 5, 2020

Choosing New

January 5, 2020

As we welcome the new year with new possibilities, we can either embrace the new or we can stay in the old. And as God steps into our Lives, he says I want to bring you something new.


January 12, 2020

Most of us have a terrible battery and do not hold a charge for very long so we need to continue to make sure that we are staying plugged in. Listen as Pastor Chris talks us through practical ways to stay plugged in throughout each week so that we can begin to experience the new!


January 19, 2020

So many of us talk about living in the new, but find ourselves from time to time still operating in the old. Listen as Pastor Anthony reminds of the importance of having people in our lives that will hold us accountable so that we can begin to experience the fullness that God intended for us.

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