as we develop and train our leaders, all services this Sunday (5/29) will be online only!

Series: Timelines

Every year we walk into January with a renewed idea of what our lives should look like over the next 12 months. We Set our sights on telling this story…sometimes we’re successful. sometimes we’re not.

But our stories do not stand alone. Our stories exist within a context. They are intertwined with millions of other stories that have come before us and that are being told every day right alongside of ours. Our stories are immersed in a narrative that began long ago and will continue long after we are gone. There is a larger story, and often the key to understanding a story and its purpose, is found in the context.

Your story is not an accident. Join us, starting the first Sunday of 2014 at any of our three locations or on Livestream, on a spiritual journey focused on understanding our context. God has brought you into an amazing story on purpose. This year, live that purpose!

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