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Series: When Life Crumbles

Most of us live our lives constantly anxious about the lives we lead. We’re either worried about life crumbling or we’re worried about how to escape the crumbling situation we find ourselves already in. Anxiety has become our new norm, and we have no idea how to escape.

What if there was someone who learned how to escape anxiety? What if there was someone who learned to thrive no matter how life crumbled or what the future held? What if he wrote you a letter explaining how you learn that?

This spring we’re unpacking that letter. It’s not from someone who led a nice American dream life. It’s from one who experienced life crumbling in ways we could never imagine, and yet Paul claims to have learned something we so long for. He claims to have left anxiety behind. Join us for a journey that may forever change the way you engage life.

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When Life Crumbles: What Are You Looking At?

April 7, 2019

For the past several weeks, we’ve studied the joy that Paul was able to have in life even through his life crumbling. What does it look like to orient your life around what we’ve learned during the When Life Crumbles series?

When Life Crumbles: Near

March 31, 2019

Through the When Life Crumbles series, Pastor Chris has taught us that we can rejoice even when life is crumbling.  But why is it that we can have faith in that truth?

When Life Crumbles: Hungry

March 24, 2019

What are you hungry for? Is there something you should be more hungry for? Could your appetite be affecting relationships in your life?

When Life Crumbles: It’s Nothing

March 17, 2019

Many times we think that we aren’t doing well enough to earn approval from God. What if His approval came from somewhere else?

When Life Crumbles: What About Me?

March 10, 2019

Sometimes life begins to crumble around us and we lose our grip on what our win in life is. As we continue walking through the book of Philippians, what do imitating Him and finding joy have to do with one another?

When Life Crumbles: Staying Alive

March 3, 2019

What matters most to you? How we define a win can affect many parts of our lives. But what does God say about what a true win looks like?

When Life Crumbles: How Can You Say That?

February 24, 2019

At times we are prone to worry and anxiety when things don’t go as we planned. What if we could leave that worry and anxiety behind even in the midst of life crumbling?

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