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12,800 Reasons to Celebrate

We decided nine weeks ago that we weren’t going to engage debt the way most people engage debt, that we weren’t going to prepare for our future the way that our culture typically prepares for the future. We decided we were going to tell our money where to go, as opposed to us wondering where it went.

And after going through nine weeks of Financial Peace University as a church, we have so much to celebrate. Here are some of the highlights.

$12,800 average turnaround in finances seen by participating households

195 credit cards paid off

$540,000 in debt paid off

$1.35 million saved

43 households pledging to engage generosity differently, so they can live like no one else and give like no one else

(Numbers based on FPU groups that had reported in by Sunday.)

Beyond the numbers, there are so many individual stories to celebrate as well. Here are a few:

“As my group was predominantly younger women, most of us are still in college, this was such an amazing experience for us to have before we even graduate. We feel ready to hit the ground running next year when we are in the real world!” – Kiera

“I wanted to thank you again from my heart for your help with FPU. I am so grateful to this church. The people here are amazing. It was an absolute miracle to have my husband there engaging in biblical finance and conversation with fellow believers he has grown to love. He also follows Dave Ramsey’s steps diligently and believes in its practical sense. I just wanted to tell you this. Thank you again.  I love this church.” – Erin

“It’s been great for me and my wife. We thought we were in a good place financially, but we learned so much. We really were slave to our debt, and we want to own a home one day. We feel more hopeful about that than ever before.” – Allan

“It was a great experience for me as a single mom. I felt like this was such a blessing made possible through Hoboken Grace and a scholarship, I’m very thankful. It helped me get my finances in shape, something I was very desperate for help with.” – Elizabeth


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