A Local School Relationship

It’s amazing to watch our dinner group members support one another, but also to see groups that work together to support the community.

That’s what happened last Monday, when a dozen volunteers helped dismantle old chalkboards at the local Mustard Seed School. Two dinner groups worked on the project, along with a few other volunteers from Hoboken Grace.

“The chalkboards were extremely heavy, so we needed all the help we could get to carry them out to the dumpster,” said CJ Neral, the leader of one of the dinner groups.

In addition to hauling out the old boards, the volunteers helped tidy up some of the classrooms in preparation for next year.

“We think the world of Mustard Seed School,” CJ said. “We felt privileged to have an opportunity to help out there.”

In fact, we’re so passionate about Mustard Seed and the environment of love and growth it provides, that we’ll be back volunteering at the school this fall as part of our 1Day service event.

It can be hard to get to know your neighbors in a city like Hoboken, but our church family is committed to not only knowing, but also loving and serving those around us.





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