“Anthony & Chris in the Morning” – Have You Tuned In Yet?

We all have our morning routines, whether we are the “early riser” type ready to take on the day, or the “2 cups of coffee before speaking” type, mornings tend to set the tone on how the rest of our day will shape out. That is why it is important to start it on a positive note; no matter what type we are!

When Hoboken Grace introduced ‘Anthony & Chris in the Morning’ I quickly knew the show was going to become part of my routine. Not only has it become routine, but it is that exact “positive note” we all need during what could feel like the start to another uncertain day.

The dynamic of the show is great! First, we get a dose full of laughter while Anthony and Chris banter back and forth about whatever topics tend to surface that morning. Then, we have a devotional for the day that always takes us to scripture and such a great conversation around what Jesus is telling or showing us through His words and actions.

However, I have to say, there is one extremely unique part about the show to me and that is the chat functionality that is available to the viewers of the show. Hoboken Grace is known for its community engagement and this quarantine has not impeded those efforts to continue to connect to us all. The chat makes us feel like we are all in the same room together; checking in on each other, laughing together, and engaging in God’s word together. To provide an example, I want to share an amazing experience that came to fruition because of the chat.

One morning, Anthony and Chris somehow got on the topic of movies that are meant for children but are actually scary rather than kid-friendly. Some examples mentioned in the chat included Mulan (specifically, the Huns!), the witch from Snow White, and Pinocchio. Pinocchio stopped me for a minute because I remember being terrified of the scene where Pinocchio gets swallowed by a whale!

Suddenly, I felt God tapping me on the shoulder. Earlier in the week, my dinner group discussed the question: “What are some examples in scripture where people faced unexpected circumstances?” Through this engagement with the community, God was showing me another amazing example. After reviewing Jonah 1-2, I quickly picked up my phone to share this message with my dinner group.

After reviewing the story of Jonah (by actually watching a children’s video online), I shared with my group that in this story, Jonah was trying to hide from God when he decided to get on a boat. The boat was soon rocked by a large storm and Jonah was thrown into the ocean and was swallowed by a whale! Jonah lived in the belly of this whale for 3 days and 3 nights. He prayed to God every day which gave him strength, but there were so many nights Jonah thought he would never see the light of day again. On the fourth day, the whale opened his mouth and spit Jonah out onto the shore. God spoke to him and said “You cannot hide from me! Whatever you do, I am with you all the time!”

There are so many days during this quarantine where we may feel like Jonah; like we will never see the light of day again, but we always need to remember to call on God for He is with us all the time. When we engage in conversation with God and those in our community, our eyes become open to things we never thought we would be able to see.

I encourage you to start your day off right and join me, and the rest of our community, online every day at 10:00am ET to engage in the conversation. Click HERE to listen anytime!

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