Calling All Sleuths

This Saturday, October 17 marks True Mentors’ fourth annual Hoboken Scavenger Hunt, a fun and frantic event that invites local residents to scour the four corners of Hoboken in a test of physical and mental determination. Teams will have just two hours to solve clues that will send them scrambling across Hoboken to hunt down challenges and win prizes.

The Hoboken Scavenger Hunt is True Mentors’ annual fundraiser that benefits both the community and the organization. It provides friends and families the opportunity to explore the city together and promotes local businesses. All proceeds directly benefit True Mentors and allows them to continue offering their programs for free to all children ages 7 – 17.

Teams will start to gather for the event at noon in Church Square Park in Hoboken. The scavenger hunt kicks off at 1 p.m. and is split up into two divisions — one for families, and another for adults. Each group receives clue sheets at the start of the hunt. After that, each team darts off on their own to rack up as many points as possible before time runs out.

Besides helping the community, the scavenger hunt helps showcase different areas of town that residents may not have considered visiting. It also celebrates Hoboken’s unique culture — last year’s teams were asked to take a picture with any of the local Hoboken “superheroes.”

Event planner Erin Sproule warns teams that they should plan wisely for this year’s event.

“This year’s hunt will have more clues than ever before,” she says. “Teams will have to strategize and work together to solve as many riddles and clues as possible before time runs out.”

Participants can expect to see brand-new challenge lists, which will include both mental and physical obstacles. True Mentors Executive Director James Sproule says the new clue list is “more challenging than ever.”

“The clues mix trivia with challenges,” he says. “Participants will also need to strategize in order to finish in the allotted time and maximize their points.”

John Carluccio has participated for the past several years. He’s attended the event twice with his dinner group, and even won with them one year.

“It was four of us guys and we sure had a lot of fun, especially trying to get some of the more challenging clues,” he says. “I remember asking a complete stranger to put on a Hoboken Grace T-shirt and take a picture with us and she gladly agreed!”

Following the hunt, teams will meet up to unwind at an after party at Willie McBride’s. There, the names of the winners will be announced, and prizes will be awarded for the first- and second-place teams in both divisions.

Teams can register for the event at the True Mentors website. Registration will also be open from noon to 1 p.m. at the central gazebo in Church Square Park. Erin hopes that this year’s scavenger hunt will be the biggest yet.

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