Bring Your Phone

It’s a perplexing problem – just what are you supposed to do with your hands during church? Twiddle your thumbs? Shred a napkin quietly in your lap? Hold the hand of your significant other, and squeeze it meaningfully everytime the message really speaks to their issues?

How about take out your smartphone and follow along? That’s right, we want you to have your phone out in church.

Last year, we retired our overworked and underpaid printer and launched our paperless Online Program.

We still hand out connection cards – and yes, pens – at the door. And we encourage everyone to fill it out and stay connected.

But during our services everything you need to follow along with our series and stay connected during the week is at your fingertips thanks to our online program. Here’s what you’ll find waiting for you every Sunday morning, the memory verse, access to all passages from the message, 1st time guest information, Grace Kids Information and more!

And just to make this even more convenient and seamless, you can sign up for a Text Alert that will send you a link to the online program every Sunday before service.  Just click “Get Text Alerts” at the bottom of the online program page to sign up!

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