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Five Things We Learned From FPU

This fall, 1,000 people will be taking the journey through Financial Peace University at Hoboken Grace. The nine-week course has already helped countless people take charge of their finances and live a life of financial freedom. So what are some of the most important lessons from FPU? We asked five people that very question.



I think there’s this myth that you have to be a numbers person, or you have to be an accountant, or you have to be someone who works on Wall Street to really take ownership of your budget. … The takeaway from day one was that anyone can take control of their budget. You don’t have to be an expert.



FPU was great for me because it laid out a formula to accomplish financial freedom. It wasn’t an abstract set of ideals. Instead, it provided a comprehensive list of steps toward peace of mind.

The debt snowball, a simple yet empowering method of paying off debt, was my favorite and most influential aspect of the course. I highly recommend FPU for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of financial responsibility, as well as a plan to achieve the peace and independence that comes with properly handling your hard earned money.


Jim & Lyla

You have to talk about the issues of where you want to spend your money. So as a couple, it forced us to really talk about, well, I do enjoy this. And you have to take all the judgment off the table. So, he might like cars, and, I might like clothes. And he might think that my spending money on clothes isn’t important, but because he loves me and wants me to be happy, and vice versa, I want him to be happy, we were able to talk about those things very openly and very frankly. So that was really helpful.



FPU really helped me to invest the time and effort into reining in my personal finances. By applying the biblical principles outlined in the class, I’ve become a better steward, and I have been able to live more generously and with less stress. I’m a strong believer in the program and have joined the Hoboken Grace Financial Impact Team to help others gain control over their finances too.



The most important thing I learned in FPU is that I’m not alone — there is hope, and everyone needs to face their own battles as they search for their financial peace. Secondly, everything doesn’t happen overnight. Patience, accountability, and full determination are key ingredients in this journey. Third, always use the 80/20 rule, which says that breaking a bad habit is 80 percent behavior and 20 percent head knowledge. Lastly, use the power of automation and use technology to your advantage. You will know what I’m talking about when you join Financial Peace University.


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