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My kids love attending Grace Kids on Sunday mornings, I might even dare to say it is the highlight of their week. My 5 year old son Clark often requests “go to church” throughout the week and is disappointed when we explain that it is not Sunday so we can’t go today. Therefore, I’m sure you can imagine his dismay (and mine) when we had to start staying home on Sundays all together and he could no longer “go to church.” 

During this unique time, things have changed for us as parents and for our children. There are so many questions that we don’t have answers to. We know that the outcome of many of these questions is outside our control as parents. It is however, our responsibility to equip our children with the truth that God is FAITHFUL and that He is ALWAYS there for us. I know that I cannot do this alone which is why God gave us a community, but with social distancing, we have had to become creative. 

So you can imagine the joy I felt when I found out that Grace Kids was going to be online every week. It was fantastic to watch the first time Clark was able to see “Ollie” on the computer and hear the familiar voices of his teachers as they introduced the lessons during Grace Kids Online.

It’s pretty great to see all the things he’s learned in Grace Kids over the past few years as I have gotten to watch him engage with the lessons and say his memory verses. My daughter Aurora, who is 7, loves to sing and dance to the songs and often requires me to sing and dance along with her making it a total family experience. I feel like I’m even learning new things about God as I watch along with them. I find it really heartwarming and encouraging for me to be able to chat with the other parents during the live stream and see that we’re all still in this together as parents and that our kids are still able to connect with their teachers and learn about the one who loves them most. 

Currently, our children are also participating in school online from home during the weekdays and many parents are working from home as well. Some weeks, my son Clark, has a call with his school teacher and classmates on Wednesdays and hasn’t been able to watch Grace Kids live with his sister.  We understand that there are many things competing for our time during the week! This is why I’m excited to announce that Grace Kids Online will be MOVING TO SUNDAYS! I’m super pumped about this change and I think it will help us to be able to focus on school and work during the week instead of feeling like we need to rush to get everything done at the same time. Clark may still ask to re-watch multiple times a week as he does now, but both he and his sister and YOU will be able to experience the live conversations with your friends and teachers anytime by visiting

I’m so grateful that, even during this time of uncertainty, we have this way to keep our kids engaged in Grace Kids and they can keep learning about how God made them, how He loves them, and how Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

So join me and tune in to a new day and time as Grace Kids Online moves to Sunday’s starting THIS Sunday, May 3rd at 8:30am for Preschool and 9am for Elementary. There will be music, bible stories and activities!  We will not have Grace kids this Wednesday, April 29th,

Visit to bring Grace Kids right to your home every Sunday! Can’t wait to see you there!

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