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The Lasting Effect of 1Day

We spend a lot of time talking about 1Day, a day when we come together to complete as many projects as possible around town. It’s true that we serve for only a few hours, but the results last much longer.

I had the privilege of leading TRUE Mentors a few years ago when 1Day volunteers helped with a project. A group of smiling people moved out the contents of an entire office and scrubbed everything down. Laughter filled the room as we cleaned and lifted. Friendships were formed and community blossomed. Sure, the office eventually got dirty again, but the project made a huge difference to our TRUE Mentors’ volunteers and families, who experienced the clean and organized space. The multiplication effect can’t be understated — the project freed up staff time so they could focus on their mission.

This year, as we embark on our 8th annual 1Day, I want to encourage you to think about the long-term impact. We will be planting nearly 1,000 flowers and plants around Hoboken. Tens of thousands of people who walk these streets every day will see them. We are adding fresh paint to three classrooms at the Jubilee Center, which serves children in our community. Volunteers will also organize donations at local shelters before the winter months and scrub the kitchen at Lunchtime ministries. Those projects will impact people for months to come.

Thinking about the long-term effect is something we do regularly in life, but it can be difficult to imagine the outcome of something so far into the future. A few things come to mind, such as when I started working out again after a long hiatus. It takes time for our bodies to respond. Perhaps it brings to mind some of the principles you’re learning from Financial Peace University. Lastly, it makes me think of my rhythms. I still struggle to find rhythms when I am tired or life is busy. However, I know the consistency and patience is worth the extra effort.

If you are thinking about participating in 1Day, I encourage you to sign up. If you already signed up, I encourage you to invite a friend. Won’t it be cool to re-visit your project in a month or two and be reminded of the impact that you had in a just a few hours of time?

Don’t miss this opportunity to impact our city.

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James is the Outreach Director at Hoboken Grace.

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