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As we continue the Get Fin Healthy conversation, we sat down with Fernanda and Justin to talk about their own experience with navigating a difficult financial situation. One that many in our area find themselves working through. But there is hope and a way to get through it all. Let’s hear what they had to say!

Prior to Financial Peace University, how did finances and money make you feel?

We felt like money controlled us. Justin had a lot of student loan debt and we were paying the bare minimum. We felt like we couldn’t tithe or give much, because we had this huge burden weighing us down.

At what point did you realize that your financial situation might require a more focused plan?

It was when we were taking our pre-marital class with Hoboken Grace. We always thought of our finances individually, but it was when we got engaged and took the pre-marital class that we realized that we needed a financial plan for our family. Still, it was only with FPU that we felt that we had the right tools and principals to deal with our finances.

What did Financial Peace University represent in that moment, and was it a relief to start classes?

We took FPU in 2018 and it was very timely because it was when Justin graduated, got a job and we could put more income towards paying debt. So it felt like a relief in the sense that it helped us understand how to take back control of our finances and allocate our income to the right place.

As the program continued, what progress did you see? Were there any setbacks? What was that full experience like? 

As the class progressed, we realized that we could pay off debt way quicker than we thought of, which was a huge relief. It was an amazing experience to be vulnerable not only with each other, but also with our group about not only our finances, but also our priorities and goals in life.

We were also able to establish habits that we still apply to this day. For example, all purchases above $20 are ran by each other beforehand and we have a monthly budget meeting.

Has FPU impacted your life outside of your finances? If so, in what way(s)?

We became more open with each other and our faith in God’s plan increased in ways we didn’t expect. We were able to pay off debt before we expected and started giving to the Home Initiative. God challenged us to give to church like never before and, by His provision, we increased our tithing by more than seven times what we were contributing before.

What advice would you give someone who is considering FPU, but doesn’t feel ready?

It can definitely feel overwhelming to start FPU, but this is a step in faith. From our experience, we felt very welcomed in our group, which made us comfortable to share about our financial struggles. We then discovered that other people had the same questions and habits that we did, which really created a bond between us.

What’s most important during this financial journey is to trust Him. All in all, it’s His money and we want to follow His plan. If it seems too overwhelming, that’s fine. Just go ahead and trust. You will see how much He can do through you.

To learn more about Financial Peace University, click here

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