As we develop and train our leaders, there will be no services this Sunday (5/26)!

Making Room For Others

At Hoboken Grace, we truly believe we are better together. This is why we strongly encourage the people in our community to get involved, serve on a team, and grow together in a weekly dinner group.

Hoboken has always been a transient community with an influx of people arriving. People move to this region from all over the world for unique opportunities and the pursuit of career goals, all while leaving loved ones and community support systems behind. Since the start of 2022, our church has witnessed nearly 500 new people walk through the front doors for the first time on a Sunday morning. Most of them share the same desire – to find a community of faith and a church family they can rely on, and share life with. 

We’ve never seen our church community hungrier for the kind of meaningful community that is created inside our Dinner Groups. That desire is awesome to see, but there are several challenges that come with that higher demand. Rising to the occasion requires more people within our church to be willing to let God use them to help create the kind of community people are longing for.

So what makes a great group leader? Over the years, we’ve identified some common misconceptions about what a group leader is, and can spot the lies that creep in that try to disqualify potential leaders from experiencing the incredible things God can do when they take a step of faith and say yes to leading a group. Here they are:

Group leaders are real, not perfect.

People want to follow a leader who is real, over one who is always right. As less-than-perfect humans, we are drawn to people who can be transparent about the challenges they are experiencing and have the humility to share how God is working in their lives.

Group leaders are encouragers, not do-it-alls.

Our most successful leaders are the ones who have the ability to encourage others. Every group member is responsible for their own growth. You can’t take the next step on their journey for them, but you can model and encourage your group members as they pursue it. Great leaders also promote participation by sharing group responsibilities. They are not responsible for every group task.

Group leaders are guides, not biblical scholars.

Great leaders guide their group and support them as they grow. Effective leaders don’t have to be biblical scholars with an answer to every question. While extensive biblical knowledge is valuable, it’s not an absolute must-have to start leading. What is most important is knowing how to love and lead people well. The team will gladly provide you with the resources and support for you to grow as a guide. 

Group leaders are supported, not left alone.

Our role is to partner with group leaders to equip them with all they need to thrive. We provide each new leader with a plan to execute so they can focus on their group members, instead of finding or creating their own material. There are monthly group leadership development opportunities for leaders to share their celebrations, and challenges and to learn from others who are also leading groups. We also have staff coaches who help walk leaders through any issue that is bigger than they can handle on their own.

Will you join us in making more room for people to get connected in community this fall?

If you’re interested, fill out this form, and let’s talk about what it could look like for you to lead a group. We’re excited to see who God calls to love and lead people in this way!


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