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Oh, Baby!

Have you noticed the baby boom going on in our church family lately? At least seven babies were born over a span of just two and a half weeks! (A few of them were even born on the same day.)

As one person joked, what are they putting in the coffee these days?

Here’s a look at some of 301 Garden’s newest faces.


Josephine “Jo” Marie was born to parents Susan and Tyler on October 17th. She came screaming into this world shortly before 1 a.m., at 7 pounds, 7 ounces. She is already a lover of the good things in life —sleeping, eating and being slightly dramatic.


Charlotte was born on September 28th, weighing in at 7 pounds, 12 ounces. Her two older brothers adore her. Parents Nate and Natalia are smitten!


Raleigh, born October 17th at 8 pounds, 5 ounces, is a very quiet and pleasant baby. He loves to announce he’s awake with little grunts in earshot of parents Janet and Austin. He also loves to fall asleep to Daddy humming “We are the dinosaurs.”


Annabelle was born on September 29th to parents John and Erica. She loves listening to them sing her custom morning music playlist and venturing out with Mom and Dad to church, dinner and shopping. She also loves cuddling and always having a clean diaper!


Peyton, born September 28th, has completely captured the hearts of her parents, Derek and Casey, and even occasionally lets them sleep! The highlight of last week was meeting her two cousins, Ryan (2 years) and Brayden (6 months), who visited from Virginia Beach. She is now looking forward to joining Grace Kids in a few weeks and meeting her HG family.

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