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Rain Turns 1Day Into 2Days!

This year was our 12th annual 1Day Hoboken, where we take one day to bring together as many people as we can to accomplish as much as we can for our city! 1Day may have looked a little different this year due to the weather, but that didn’t stop us from loving our community in the best way we could.

Our 1Day Hoboken turned into 2 days of 1Day! We had over 650 people serve with us for different civic and nonprofit organizations across our city! The projects that we did around Hoboken throughout those two days will impact our neighbors for months to come!

Although the outdoor projects for 1Day Hoboken got postponed to the following weekend, we were still able to make a big impact by completing 7 indoor projects across Hoboken! Some of our projects included organizing and cleaning at the American Legion Veteran’s home, preparing meals to serve at the Hoboken Shelter, cleaning refurbished computers for under-resourced communities at Computers4People, and cleaning at Lunchtime Ministries and the Symposia Community Bookstore!

The team at the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps was so grateful for our help! They said what our team was able to do in just that one day would’ve taken them weeks to do! It’s amazing the significance one day can have and we are so grateful to have been able to come together to impact our community!

The second day of 1Day was just as strong, as our other volunteers came together to complete some of the originally planned outdoor projects! We had hundreds of people all around Hoboken painting curbs and fences at the Hoboken Housing Authority, weeding and gardening at the Community Gardens, and organizing and cleaning at the Community Food Bank. It was amazing to see the new friendships being formed while serving together and the contagious joy of everyone who was a part of 1Day!

At Hoboken Grace, we believe we don’t just live here, we love here! It’s incredible to see the impact of just one two day(s) of service and what can happen when we come together to love our community! We are so grateful for the hard work the Bridge Events team put into planning our 1Day this year and for all of those who served with us at this special event!

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