Hear Anthony’s Story This Saturday At Amplify

Anthony came to know Christ one night in a hotel room while watching an old Billy Graham message on television. No, this story doesn’t include any special lighting or a dramatic setting, but that’s not what it’s about. “I share it because I know that not everyone’s story of how they came to Christ is dramatic or full of spark, and I can relate to them,” says Anthony. “They don’t have to feel alone.”

Many people believe that they can’t share their story because it won’t have any impact, because they have made mistakes along the way, because they are scared of being judged. Anthony wants to encourage us all to share our stories, and he is so passionate about this that he is teaching the “Stories” class at Hoboken Grace’s Amplify conference this Saturday.

Anthony believes that the hesitation to share our story comes down to three main reasons. First, many people don’t think they have a story to tell. They think that their story won’t make a difference and that God isn’t finished with their story, so it’s too soon to share. Lastly, they struggle with not being the hero of their story. Anthony compares this to people’s  hesitation with taking the step of baptism. He advises us to keep it simple and share what God is doing in our lives. What did you struggle with before you knew Christ? How has He changed you?

“The last thing a non-believer wants to see is a Christian who thinks they have it all together,” explains Anthony. “Authenticity is more valuable.”

People can argue scripture and historical proof, but they can’t argue with your experience. In fact, Anthony says that most people are impacted more on the “heart level” than they ever are on the “head level.”

Everyone’s story is impactful, because when Christ is involved, it becomes His story of pursuit. And He calls us to be His witnesses and go out and make disciples. “This should be an immediate response to coming to Christ,” says Anthony. “When we see something that changes us, we need to tell people.”

If we are scared or nervous to share our story, we should ask Christ to give us the strength. Anthony reminds us that “God isn’t nervous or scared or hesitant. Remember who your Father is and who He says you are.” God will do the work and He can use pretty much anything to pursue us and tug at our heartstrings. You just need to be willing to show up.

God can use your past and turn it into a blessing. If you still aren’t convinced, read about Peter and Paul in the storybook that changed the world – the Bible. Peter and Paul wrestled with God, but God used their story for His glory and he can do the same for yours.

Want to learn more about how to tell your story? Attend our Story class at Amplify this Saturday. 

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