Sing Into Spring: Why You Should Join the Choir

The Spring Choir is looking for new voices and would love to see you at the choir info meeting this Sunday, January 17th. Everyone is invited to attend, regardless of experience level or musical background.

The only requirement is that “you enjoy singing and worshiping God through music,” says Hannah Fain, the choir leader. “We’re looking for people who aren’t part of the worship team, but want to encourage others to worship and who represent the body of our church.”

As Hannah explains, music is a way for the entire church to respond to God’s grace. The worship team doesn’t perform for a passive crowd — it’s all about worshiping and engaging together. Hannah sees the choir as another opportunity to respond in worship more actively. She first introduced the idea of starting a choir at Hoboken Grace a couple years ago. Her vision became a reality with the Christmas Choir last December and is now continuing with the Spring Choir in 2016.

To make the commitment easier for regular congregation members, the choir will meet only four times this spring before Easter. Also, choir members do not need to know how to read sheet music. Hannah, who majored in music education, will teach the parts by ear.

Choir members should, however, expect to have fun. “It’s not optional,” jokes Robert LaMorte, who participated in the Christmas Choir. “Dana and Hannah do a phenomenal job of breaking the ice, keeping it very casual, very light. They let you know the choir is important, but it’s not a job.” Also, despite already knowing a lot of people at Hoboken Grace through his role as a producer, Robert says he still met a lot of new people through the choir.

The choir info meeting will be held this Sunday at 2:30 p.m. in the upstairs conference room. Those attending will be asked to sing together to get a feel for the group, and to, of course, have fun!

More information can be found here.

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