Staff Picks: Enjoying God In New Ways

As we are moving through our ‘Enjoying God’ conversation, Pastor Chris has been challenging us to see God in new ways. We are being reminded or learning for the first time that God delights in us and that He wants us to enjoy Him too!! We asked some of our staff how their relationship with God or view of Him has shifted throughout this series. Whether they are seeing God in a different way, experiencing something new with God, or putting one of Pastor Chris’ weekly homework assignments into practice- let’s see what some of our staff have to say!

Vinny H. :

“It’s been transformational in how we experience God as a family, especially our 8th grader who attends the service and listens to the Sunday conversations. Our prayers together have become a lot more authentic and it’s helped to remind us that God is a person that’s close to us that we can talk to on a daily basis. As I’ve spent less time asking God for stuff, I’ve been able to remember all the ways He’s already been present and working in my life… that in turn and just reminded me that He’s in control, He loves me and I don’t need to worry anyway.”

Igor M. :

“What I have been experiencing during the ‘Enjoying God’ series is how practical it has been. With Pastor Chris’s weekly homework assignments I have been able to put into practice what I have learned in the conversations throughout the week. The homework has been of great help in my walk with God!”

Megan Y. :

“I’ve been making more connections between the things that I enjoy that I previously felt were “apart from God” to Him. I’m realizing that they’re not “apart from Him” at all and that He brought those things into my life for a purpose. He wants me to have the joy that comes from them and He’s allowing me to meet new people and either grow from them or to be a light into their lives through shared interests. It’s so great to remember that He is in all of it!”

Yuli F. :

“The ‘Enjoying God’ series has reminded me to come to God as I would a friend. To share my celebrations, laughs, and trials with Him, instead of listing things for Him to fix.”

We can’t wait to see the impact our ‘Enjoying God’ conversation will continue to have on our relationship with God going forward and we hope everyone can leave this conversation knowing what it is like to delight in God and remembering how much He delights in us!

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