Stephanie’s Baptism Story

Over the past month, we have gotten to celebrate so many people take the step of baptism, not only on Easter weekend but there have been baptisms every Sunday since Easter which has been incredible to see! We have even seen a handful of people decide on the same day that they want to take that step. It has been such a joy being able to experience this together! We got to hear from Stephanie, who got baptized on Easter Sunday, to learn more about her experience and how God has been moving in her life!

Story Team: What was the feeling like after you were baptized?

Stephanie: After being baptized it felt like a physical load was taken off me. It felt like being hugged while also having this giant amount of hurting I’ve been holding on to for so long. I felt physically lighter but spiritually full and renewed.


Story Team: Who was up there with you?

Stephanie: I had my mom, my younger sister, my daughter, my husband, Megan of Grace Kids who is also my dinner group leader, Pastor Anthony, Wanda from my dinner group and Grace Kids, and John Milius.


Story Team: For another Hoboken Grace community member who may be thinking about taking this step, what would you say to them?

Stephanie: Take the next step! I always thought I had to be perfect and that I was too broken for this step of baptism. I also thought that I was far from being saved. I was originally baptized at 11 when I didn’t understand much and was running on fear of God rather than knowing of a loving God. Take that step. God has a purpose for us all and no matter where you are on your journey with God, this is a beautiful declaration of faith that will leave you feeling loved.


Story Team: What made you take the step of baptism?

Stephanie: I was originally baptized at 11 when I just thought it was right and didn’t understand much. I only knew how to fear God and never knew the relationship aspect; it was just religion to me. In the almost full year of coming back to God and finding a beautiful community in Hoboken Grace, I have healed from several past church hurt. I have also felt as though I’ve grown in my faith. From experiencing community in my dinner group with amazing women, to seeing my husband finally begin coming to church and slowly being more open to God, to my daughter being in Grace Kids and learning about God from such a young age where she has been loved and learned so much! We have presented her to raise her as God’s and more so have seen my family come to this beautiful community where we have been able to grow our faith and rebuild our relationship with God and get to know amazing people and community where we have always felt welcomed, supported, and loved!


If you have any questions on taking the step of baptism or just want to learn more, join us on Sunday, May 5th for our ‘What Is Baptism‘ class after each service.

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