Something Changed on Stage

Something happened to Stephanie when she stepped on stage Easter morning. After eight years at Hoboken Grace, she stood under the stage lights for the first time and looked out across a room packed with people responding to God’s love.

“It’s different from up there,” Stephanie explained. “You see Sunday morning differently. It’s powerful to be part of the congregation worshiping, but it’s also powerful to be up there and see a room of 500 people with their hands lifted, praising God together.”

Stephanie was on stage with the Hoboken Grace choir and vividly remembers just how close the Holy Spirit felt as she sang that morning.

“There’s this part in the song where just the drums are playing, and we’re all singing — ‘Praise the King. He is risen. Praise the King. He’s alive. Praise the King, death’s defeated. Hallelujah! He’s alive.’ ”

And as she sang those words, Stephanie felt surrounded by God’s love and connected in a way she hadn’t known before.

“I wasn’t expecting to feel anything,” said Stephanie. “I was just up there because I love to sing. But something happened up there. And it wasn’t about anyone hearing me sing. It was about God and encouraging people to worship.”

That Easter morning was Stephanie’s first time singing with the Hoboken Grace choir, and she’s stayed involved ever since. Now she is looking forward to singing in her first Christmas choir this December.

The Worship Team — Production

Mission: The Worship Team is part of the Arts department. We lead the church in worship each week through song and by creating intimate and exciting environments through production. We provide the model for what worship looks like and use sound, lights and media to allow for the clear and beautiful communication of the message of Christ.

The commitment: Serves on Sunday mornings and attends weekly rehearsals.

How you can join or find out more information: Email, or stop by the production booth any Sunday to meet the team and ask questions.


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