The Most Important Lessons We Learned From FPU

Financial Peace University returns to Hoboken Grace on February 6th. This nine-week course by financial guru Dave Ramsey has helped thousands of people take control of their finances and become debt-free. Registration for both spring classes is full, but the course will be offered again in the fall.

For many, the class has been transformative. In fact, many of Hoboken Grace’s former students appreciated it so much that they’ve returned to help run the class. Here are a few of the important lessons past students have learned, and the biggest things they took away from their time at FPU:


When Ricky and I started FPU a year ago, we had no idea what a tremendous impact this course would have on how we viewed our finances as Christians and as a married couple. Before we learned about how to budget at FPU, we basically had five or so categories in our spreadsheet that included rent, food, travel, other needs, and miscellaneous. After a while, we noticed that the miscellaneous category seemed to trump the other categories, but neither of us could really say what those miscellaneous expenses were. FPU helped us straighten out our budget because it helped us realize that budgeting is really just about telling your money what to do. If you have a plan and purpose for every dollar in your budget, you will know exactly what your budget is doing all the time.

FPU helped us sort out our finances in a number of ways. First of all, we have accomplished all of the first three baby steps. We already had a beginner emergency budget when we started the course, but we now have a full emergency fund with 3 months’ expenses and are continuing to save every month. We have also paid off all of our debts with the debt snowball method and canceled and cut up four credit cards. We now use our debit cards and cash to pay for 90% of our household needs. Since we don’t have kids or a mortgage, we are currently working on baby steps 4 and 7. Finally, what FPU has helped us accomplish above and beyond anything else is twofold: first, our communication about finances is a million times better than it was before; and second, we have peace of mind knowing that we are stewarding our finances in a way that honors the One who has provided so faithfully for us. And really, that’s what this course is all about.


I considered myself  pretty financially responsible before taking the class, but I knew there was always room for improvement. I learned stuff I never knew and looked forward to each new topic every week! I recommend it to anyone who has been allowing their money to control them versus the other way around. Dave makes the sessions fun while still being informative.


FPU really helped me to invest the time and effort into reigning in my personal finances. By applying the biblical principles outlined in the class, I’ve become a better steward, and I have been able to live more generously and with less stress. I’m a strong believer in the program and have joined the Hoboken Grace FPU Team to assist with this semester’s classes.




Financial Peace University helped my wife and I to deal with the stress of managing our finances and pay off our remaining debts. I’m pleased to report that we are debt free in 2016, in large part thanks to Vinny Hu and his wonderful FPU team. Laura and I now help facilitate FPU on a weekly basis; it’s great to give back. It’s a wonderful, worthwhile experience that I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about managing their money more responsibly.


The most important thing I learned in FPU is that I’m not alone — there is hope, and everyone needs to face their own battles as they search for their financial peace. Secondly, everything doesn’t happen overnight. Patience, accountability, and full determination are key ingredients in this journey. Third, always use the 80/20 rule, which says that breaking a bad habit is 80% behavior and 20% head knowledge. Lastly, use the power of automation and use technology to your advantage. You will know what I’m talking about when you join Financial Peace University.

Financial Peace University will be offered on Monday and Tuesday Nights from 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. starting the week of February 6th. Classes are full this semester. If you have any questions you can contact Sarah at

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