Vision Nights

Numbers tell a story, and that’s especially true when it comes to your home. Square footage, for example, can paint a picture of just how much you are — or aren’t — roughing it in a city apartment. And the number of years you’ve lived in one place can also say a lot. So it seems appropriate that numbers played a huge role during Hoboken Grace’s first-ever Vision Night.

With the 12th birthday of our church rapidly approaching, Pastor Chris wanted to take a moment to look back on all that God has done since Hoboken Grace launched in 2008. That year, the church consisted of just 42 people. The next year it was 52 people. Small growth, but growth nonetheless. In 2010 it was 110 people. Fast-forward to present day, and Hoboken Grace’s church body is up to an astounding 1,145.  Other numbers also tell the story of what God has done: Since 2008, there have been 392 baptisms, 2,346 people serving, and 3,519 people involved in community dinner groups. 

While it is amazing to see this growth firsthand, Pastor Chris also shed light on the reality of the situation. There just simply isn’t enough room to love in the way that’s needed for our entire church family and community. That’s why this past week we were all invited to take part in Hoboken Grace’s newest venture, The Home Initiative. We want to plant our roots in Hoboken OFFICIALLY. The Home Initiative is all about getting us to the next point of having an official space that we own and can share with our community. Hoboken Grace does not want to be temporary. We want to show the community that we are here to stay. 

As the night went on, Chris dove deep into the meaning of the word “HOME” and just how much weight it actually carries. That home is made up of our hundreds and hundreds of stories. Stories that every single one of us has, whether you’ve gone to Hoboken Grace for 12 days or 12 years. That story is yours, and that story makes you a part of this family. 

As wonderful as it is to celebrate the past, we also have to be practical about the future. That means finding a space where we can continue to impact more and more. While your continued support and prayers are needed to see this vision through, we are confident in the Lord’s guidance. We hope you join us, because Hoboken Grace’s next phase will hopefully be its most exciting yet. 

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