Series: Capturing Christmas

One moment changed everything. God invaded our story in the most unique way to capture the hearts of those who’d turned from Him. We often think of Christmas as a time of peace and joy, but make no mistake, that first Christmas was a moment of invasion, a critical point in the mission of the Father. In this five week series we’ll seek to capture the heart and mindset of the original Christmas.

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Capturing Christmas

November 29, 2021

What if we went into Christmas with an intentional plan to capture Christmas?

Invading the Orphanage

December 5, 2021

We often look back at the birth of Jesus as a peaceful and polished moment. But is it possible that the reality was far more messy, difficult and raw than we understand?

The Child

December 12, 2021

Think about how a child experiences the joy of Christmas. What if we approached our experience of God this Christmas in the same way?

A Celebration

December 19, 2021

As we seek to capture the true heart, passion, and mission of Christmas, what can we do to make sure that we recognize God’s presence in our lives?

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