God is telling an incredible story here at Hoboken Grace and the communications team works to tell that story. Whether it’s through blog posts, video, photos, social media or on our website, the communications team uses various forms of media to highlight all the amazing ways God loves us and how that empowers us to love others.


Help People Belong. We all want a place to belong, and becoming a Dinner Group leader creates more space for people to connect. Starting a Dinner Group is simple, you just choose the night you’d like to lead, then we will provide you with a 10-Week Plan for you to execute. The plan is our layout for what each night will look like when you lead your group. In our training where you learn the basics of leading a group, we will walk through with you on how to best lead each of these nights. We will also support you along the way so that you are never leading alone.


The Equip Team desires to serve you wherever you are on your journey. We create environments to equip our family to grow in their understanding of God’s grace and experience His comfort, healing and direction. Whether you are exploring the faith, working through doubts and challenges, or growing and maturing in your relationship with Christ, we offer multiple teams and resources to help you take the next step in your faith.

First Impressions

The purpose of the 1st Impressions Team is to ensure that all who walk through our doors feel welcomed, prepared for, and loved.

Grace Kids

We seek to create environments where children can experience, learn about, respond to and grow in the truth and love of Jesus Christ. We build relationships with children, parents and each other. We aren’t babysitters; we are teachers of God’s word. We want to help children learn about how much God loves them! We want to impact them spiritually while giving their parents a chance to grow in their relationship with Christ. And most importantly, every week, we give ourselves permission to BE SILLY and HAVE FUN! 


The Neighborhood department makes people smile. Through Partnerships, Simple Service and Bridge Events, we get to spread love all throughout our city and to people in all arenas. Whether breakfast bars, Easter Eggs or leadership development, we engage people in their normal daily routines. If you love people and love to make them smile, this is the team for you.

Band & Production

In the Band & Production Department, teams exist to create awesome worship environments that reflect how we value God. Whether serving on production, stage management or in the band, we create engaging and distraction-free spaces that people love, and we set the example for what worship can look like.


Technology plays a significant role in our world. On the Technology team, we have the unique opportunity to provide our people, teams and staff with timely information so they can make the most of every opportunity. Remember, every number has a name, every name has a story, every story matters to God.

Student Groups

We know the middle school and high school years can be complicated. Students are growing up fast and need a place where they can learn how God sees them. VIBE is a place where students can come to create friendships and have meaningful conversations with their peers and small group leaders. Our goal is to create a community where every student knows they matter and belong and walk alongside them as they develop a faith of their own. We want Thursdays to be the best day of their week!

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