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Home Response Plan

Our Home Response Plan was created out of our Home Initiative to meet the needs of our community during these unique times over the last few months. We’re targeting $440k to be utilized in the Home Response Plan to provide multiple resources and services to those who have been impacted by the pandemic.

Care and Support

At Hoboken Grace we strive to meet the needs of our family through community (e.g. groups, serving). When additional care is required, we have specific Care & Support teams to provide support to help address unique life circumstances. Explore how you can be part of providing that support and receiving that support below.

One of the best growth opportunities God provides is His word. In 2020, the Hoboken Grace family is journeying together by reading the entire New Testament. By signing up for the reading plan, you will receive an email each week day with one chapter. The reading takes only 5 minutes, but it will help you experience God in new ways. Also, we need to develop rhythms in our lives and day that call us to remember the reality that we live and move and breathe in Him. Developing healthy rhythms in your life is about finding a schedule that works for you. It’s about figuring out how to incorporate all that we’ve talked about into your daily, weekly, and monthly experience. It’s about prioritizing and consistently pursuing the one who loves you most. Our monthly rhythms book is designed to help us do just that daily.

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