Series: Christmas at Hoboken Grace 2018

There are few holidays where we long for home like Christmas. This December, join us as we celebrate the one who left home behind to bring us back home to the family we always wished we had!

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Christmas at Hoboken Grace: A Moment of Recalibration

December 24, 2018

God is constantly re-calibrating how we think about His love. Today, Pastor Chris challenges us to re-calibrate how we think about God’s love so that we can not just be loved by Him, but to experience His love.

Christmas at Hoboken Grace: Enjoying Home

December 23, 2018

Are you still expecting your family to provide home for you rather than relying on God? Today, Pastor Chris walks us through how great it is to realize how simple it is for us to come home to the Father who gave it all for us.

Christmas at Hoboken Grace: An Imperfect Home

December 16, 2018

Nothing conjures up images of home more than Christmas. But the story of Christmas has nothing yet everything to do with ‘home’.

Christmas at Hoboken Grace 2018: Kids Concert

December 9, 2018

What is it that keeps you from coming home? This week, Pastor Chris explains how simple it is to come home to a God who celebrates us.

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