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Series: Learning to Love Roller Coasters

Is there a better illustration for life than a roller coaster? Have you ever felt the bottom drop out? Have you ever experienced a twist you didn’t see coming? Have you ever wondered if you would survive as things turned upside down? All of us have. Life is constantly throwing us in different directions at speeds we can’t control. To be honest, it can be overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be. As God steps into our lives He doesn’t promise to eliminate the twists and turns, but He does promise to change how we experience them. He wants to teach us how we can enjoy the roller coaster instead of fearing it.

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The Fear Factor

July 25, 2021

Over the past five weeks we have been asking, how can we learn to love the rollercoaster of life? Today’s conversation is about how fear can sometimes control our experience and direction on the ride. Has this fear steered you wrong in the past or have you struggled with allowing it to dictate your decisions? We will all experience fear, but we do not have to let it have power over us because of who is in the seat next to us through every twist and turn. Join us as we talk through how God has made sure we all can take comfort no matter what happens.

Not Amused

July 18, 2021

We all have different reasons we ride the rollercoaster of life, and sometimes those reasons can dictate our experience and perspective along the way. But what is it that you are really living for? What if your ride has a more significant purpose, and what is that purpose? Today Pastor Chris talks about how we can engage the twists, respond to turns, and live our lives for God’s purpose rather than our own. Because when the purpose changes, the perspective changes.

A Good Twist

July 11, 2021

Isn’t it funny how there can be so much good in life, and yet our minds are consumed with what we don’t have or can’t have? When that becomes our focus, it shows how quickly our feelings can change on what’s best for ourselves. But what happens if we let go of the idea that only we know what is best? What does it look like to let go and place trust in the amazing plan already in place? In today’s conversation, Pastor Chris walks through why it’s truly best to trust in the designer of the ride!

Ride Well

June 20, 2021

The Unescapable Ride

June 13, 2021

All of us work hard to try and control the roller coaster of life. We try to stay “on track” and avoid the twists and turns, but it’s a trap to believe that we can actually control the ride! What we can control though is the experience. Join Pastor Chris as he kicks off our new conversation ‘Learning to Love Rollercoasters’, and breaks down how we can engage the ride of life differently. God doesn’t promise to eliminate the twists and turns, but He does show how we can persevere through any challenge. How will you choose to experience the ride?

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