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Series: Payout

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the fallout of a decision years after that decision was made.  Have you ever thought, when will the consequences for this end?  Have you ever looked back with amazement at the joy one single decision has brought you?

One of the greatest principles of life is that decisions do not simply impact the moment in which they were made.  Decisions can be unending in how they effect our lives with both great joy and great pain.  Unfortunately we often forget this principle in the moment.  Unfortunately we often forget to consider the PAYOUT.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be examining this principle that God is reminding us of over and over in his word.  We’re going to be brining it to light in several arenas of our lives and seeing if maybe we can’t begin to make better decisions as we live our lives with a greater awareness of the PAYOUT.

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Beyond A Moment

October 22, 2023

Do we consider the payout for our decisions?


October 29, 2023

Who’s influencing you?


November 5, 2023

What type of soil will produce a harvest?

Overcoming Sin

November 12, 2023

Can I trust God about reality?


November 19, 2023

What is the payout for your investment?

The Death of the Seed

November 26, 2023

Do we truly understand that a seed must die to produce a harvest?

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