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Series: Rest

When was the last time you actually experienced rest? When was the last time you felt rested? To a world on the brink of exhaustion, Jesus says He brings rest. What if He actually can?

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Rest for the Future

October 15, 2017

We live our lives in turmoil about the future. So we seek to control every situation. We think we live our lives independent from God and that He only occasionally steps in. But the truth is different. God wants to teach us about how to find rest even when we don’t know what the future holds.

Restful Relationships Part 2

October 1, 2017

Being known can be intimidating. We so often ask “Can I let this person in?” or “Can I be known, vulnerable?” But we almost never stop to ask if we can be someone others can be known by. Maybe it doesn’t begin with them. Maybe it begins with me.

Restful Relationships

September 24, 2017

It’s said that we are experiencing an epidemic of loneliness. We don’t, however, know why. We don’t know how to solve it. We don’t really know what to do because we don’t actually understand loneliness at all. Join us as we look at God’s answer to the question of loneliness.


September 17, 2017

Our hope is so often promiscuous. It seeks with little discernment that which it might attach itself to. Join us as we bring it back to that which can actually bring rest!


September 10, 2017

We travel to beautiful places, spend thousands on comfort and yet we struggle to truly know and maintain rest. What if the problem is deeper than we thought? What if rest seeps out instead of seeping in?

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