Series: Restoring Love

What if relationships aren’t just magical? What if there are crucial connections that bring the puzzle together?

Join us as we look at the four pillars to every relationship and their connections to one another.

Relationships are a puzzle, but it’s not an unsolvable puzzle. You just have to understand how the pieces connect.

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January 30, 2022

It’s okay to not naturally know how to love well. How can we learn to love others by experiencing the love God has for us? 


It Starts Here

February 7, 2022

Character determines so much about the quality of relationships we’ll have in our lives. So what can the development of our character mean for us and those around us?

An Interesting Commitment

February 13, 2022

Commitment shapes us. But how do we experience it and develop it inside of the relationships in our lives?


Holistic Love

February 20, 2022

How can we love well in a culture that emphasizes entertainment, pleasure and selfishness?

Holistic Love Part 2

February 27, 2022

How do we love the people around us with all of who we are?

Does It Hold Water?

March 6, 2022

How do we make sure that our love is always overflowing?

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