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Series: Unequal

When we look at the world around us and all of the people in it, we notice that we are all different. Every single one of us is different in a thousand ways, but what do we do with that reality? How do we embrace the truth that God has uniquely created us all different AND that He celebrates those differences? Join us as we dive into a conversation about race, justice, culture, weakness, strength, and the power of belonging.

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Our Struggle

September 20, 2020

God decided for us to be different, we were all uniquely created. And though God celebrates this, we have historically struggled with it! But why?

The Dream

September 27, 2020

Have you ever felt that you do not have anything to give? Or that God made a mistake when He created you and didn’t provide you with any talents? If this is you, understand that view is far from the truth. We all have something to give. God creates us to exist within a community where we all have a very specific and unique purpose. Join us as we learn how to be generous to those around us and understand what God has created us to do.

Different Roles

October 4, 2020

All of us are created different. This is something that God created with the most beautiful and powerful intentions. However, it is our self-glorification that keeps getting in the way of the beautiful plan that He has designed. Join us as we explore the significance of our self-worth, and the importance that all of our roles play within society.

A Different Tension

October 11, 2020

Have you ever felt that you are at competition with your peers? Or that you are persistently aiming to prove your self-worth? God wants you to understand that this mind set can be extraordinary destructive to both ourselves and our community. We are all created with something unique to bring to the table. Join us as we explore what it means to honor the roles of others, and how we are all the same under God’s eyes.

No Difference

October 18, 2020

How do you value yourself? What are you worth? In today’s society, value is determined by what someone is willing to give. Value is determined about how much we are “worth”. God wants us to realize just how valuable we are to Him, and how He sent Jesus to die on the cross entirely for us. Let’s explore just how valuable we really are.

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