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Series: Vision

We all have a vision for who we are becoming. We have a mental image of who we are working to be. We know how we want people to see and interact with us. We know how we want them to speak of us. We have a vision and that vision impacts almost every decision we make.

Unfortunately that vision is often created subconsciously in response to broken relationships, pain, abuse, and fantasy. We’ve put little time into the actual impact of this vision and yet we are significantly influenced by it.

Who do you want to become? Could you state it clearly? Could you write it out? How detailed could you be? How have you engaged God in that conversation?

One of the most powerful conversation that God brings to each and every one of us is the conversation of identity and vision. He is not only interested in who you are, but also in helping you develop a vision for who you will be. He wants to help you become someone who lives to the fullest. He wants you to realize what that would look like for you. He wants to lead you into a proactive journey of developing who you will become.

All of us have a vision for who we will be. How thoughtfully have you constructed yours? How has God been part of that conversation? How can we be sure that He is, and that the vision we’re pursuing is actually who we were created to be?


It’s not where you are that matters. It’s where you’re going. Where will 2019 take you? Join us as we engage God in developing a vision for who it is we will become in the upcoming year!

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