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Why Attending Amplify Is Worth It

Nowadays there are so many ways to sharpen your skills. You can listen to podcasts, read a blog or two, YouTube it, or even attend a webinar. So, why bother with the time and expense of an in-person conference like Amplify?

As Proverbs 27:17 says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Now, I’m no hunter, but I do love to cook. One of the things I know you need to be a successful amateur chef is good knives. When you sharpen your knives, the edge becomes sharper and it makes your task of cutting and slicing more efficient. Furthermore, we’re told in Hebrews 4:12 that, “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword…” And so it is safe to say that when we engage with one another while learning God’s Word, we’re being sharpened by the double-edge sword that God has given us.

One of my favorite movies is Dead Poet’s Society. Robin Williams plays John Keating, an English teacher who strives to teach his students more than literature. There’s a scene in which he gets up on his desk and says, “I stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way.” He then invites the students to stand on his desk with him. He says, “Just when you think you know something, you have to look at it in another way.”

It’s true. Have you ever listened to a favorite song in a different setting or read a treasured book in a change of scenery and noticed something new? That’s the power of learning in a different setting. What you hear on Sundays or in your quiet time is powerful, but what God can reveal to you through other people and in other settings is formidable.

Do you ever struggle to retain what you learned on a Sunday? Have you ever been so motivated by what you heard spoken from the stage that you can’t wait to put it into practice, and yet by the following week you’ve already forgotten it? A study at the University of Minnesota recently found that adults retain 5 percent of what they learn from a lecture and 10 percent of what they learn through reading. Yet, they retain 50 percent of what they discuss in a group! That’s one of the main reasons Amplify exists! We want you to interact with one another, put it into practice and walk away grasping even more of what God is trying to do in your life.

“But, I’ve already taken every growth track,” you might say. Since launching Amplify in 2014, we’ve offered many of the same classes. Why? Because of the foundational truths found in each of them. Not sure which growth track is right for you? Here’s a helpful guide to answer some of the questions you might have:

Q: I’ve never been to Amplify. Which track should I start with?

A: Foundations – the recommended class for all first-timers. This class focuses on the basic habits every Christ follower needs to develop in order to grow in spiritual maturity. Topics covered include getting a “grasp” on the Bible, prayer and how to maintain these habits.

Q: I’ve taken Foundations. What’s next?

A: Empower – Do you ever wonder what gifts and talents God gave you? Did you know that God has given you these gifts to impact and serve one another? What God made you to be determines what He intends for you to do. Discover what your unique design is and learn how to develop it.

Q: I’ve taken Foundations and Empower! What’s next?

A: Story – By engaging with Scripture, joining the conversations, and interacting with one another, you will discover how your story, the biblical story and God’s story all come together in one beautiful masterpiece. You’re going to be encouraged to ask questions, and learn from others as you listen to what God is doing in their lives. By hearing your story and by listening to others, we have the potential to change our lives, if you let it happen.

Q: I’m on a role! I’ve taken Foundations, Empower and Story. Give me more!

A: Awesome. Dive into any one of our book studies. Why study the Bible? Studying it is a way to improve our knowledge of God. Through His words, we come to know not only His nature and attributes, but we also come to understand His plan for every one of us. In a greater sense, we also come to know God’s plan, His sovereignty, His love and more. There is only so much we can learn about God apart from the Bible. But with it, we can know Him better.

1 Samuel — The book of 1 Samuel is full of many intriguing and riveting individual stories. You will learn not only to read Samuel well, but you’ll begin to be aware of themes, characters and the history of God’s people. As you walk through the historical books of scripture, you see God reveal His sovereignty and his covenant with His people.

Ecclesiastes — The book of Ecclesiastes has fascinated, perplexed and inspired people for thousands of years. Using autobiographical narrative, proverbs, parables and allegories, the writer probes the deepest questions of life… What am I here for? Where can I find real satisfaction? What is the point of this whole thing? The words of Ecclesiastes have never been more relevant, as believers in the 21st century wrestle with what it means to live life to the fullest.

Paul’s Letters (2 Timothy) New for spring 2018 — Join us as we dive into Paul’s letters and focus specifically on the epistle of 2 Timothy. Learn about our responsibilities as Christ followers in today’s world and dig deeper into the saving work of Jesus.

Q: I’m a parent or I’m going to be a parent!

A: We have a class for you, too, AND we have childcare! We’re excited to offer Parenting once again. The class focuses on the stages of parenting and how we can raise our children to know and understand who God is in their lives. It’s an Amplify favorite that will encourage you and challenge you in one of the most important roles you’ll ever play.

So don’t wait. Sign up today!

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