Dive in! Taking the Step of Baptism

Taking the step of baptism is an emotional and exciting event. At Hoboken Grace, we believe no one should take the step alone. We are all on this journey together as a church family and we love to celebrate these things as a family! That’s why when someone is baptized, they do so surrounded by their friends and family to support and encourage them as they take the step. The feeling and experience is different for everyone so we checked in with Athina who was baptized last week to ask her about her experience and who was with her as she publicly declared her faith in Jesus. 

Story Team: What was the feeling like after you were baptized?

Athina: I felt invigorated. I was shaking and genuinely excited. If I think about it too much I’ll cry. Even now, a couple days later, I feel new.

Story Team: Who was up there with you?

Athina: My parents, maternal grandparents, and boyfriend. They’ve all been instrumental in my spiritual journey, never judging me for having questions and loving me every step of the way. My grandparents have especially been role models in faith to me, their optimism and love for God is so prevalent in their everyday lives. I hope to have a faith as strong as theirs when I’m in my 80s!

Story Team: For another Hoboken Grace community member who may be thinking about taking this step, what would you say to them?

Athina: To be a little punny – dive in! I waited a long time until I felt like I was “ready,” but the reality is that it didn’t matter. I wasn’t any more “ready” yesterday than I was months ago when I returned to faith. The only thing that made me ready is believing in Jesus’ resurrection and what it means.

Story Team: What made you take the step of baptism?

Athina: I felt called to it. I came to the realization that I didn’t have to be good enough or do enough, Jesus showed me that I am saved through faith and all else will follow. I saw two paths ahead of me, one where I try and fail to hold myself to an impossible standard and constantly wonder when I’ll be good enough or another, where I accept that I am flawed and that the only recourse is accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I wanted to make the commitment to live by faith and love as He does, knowing that it is a lifelong journey and not the finish line

Story Team: Anything else you’d like to share? 

Athina: My grandma loved the way Hoboken Grace does baptisms so much (inviting up the family to pray and support together) that she said she’s going to recommend it at her church too! Also, getting involved in the Hoboken Grace community was very helpful. I joined a dinner group – speaking to other women of faith, listening to their stories, and realizing that there are others who have had similar journeys to me has been more impactful than I can put into words.

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