Why I Took FPU Four Times (When I Wasn’t Even in Debt!)

When I first heard about FPU, I was immediately intrigued – a Biblical way to manage my money? Sign me up. I wasn’t in debt and I’d always considered myself responsible with money, I just never really had a plan. My budget was whatever felt convenient at the time and I was haphazardly saving for this elusive thing called retirement — a far away place and time that everyone told me I needed to prepare for, without telling me how. So when I took FPU, I was ecstatic to find out that it was a proven, step-by-step plan for budgeting and wealth building.

I’ve since taken FPU four times — and not because this program is difficult to understand or hard to follow. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. FPU is built on baby steps, with each step representing a milestone in your financial journey. As I move through the steps, I find something new to focus on, something that’s more relevant to my life now.

I also keep taking FPU because it gives me the freedom to say yes to God. There have been many times I’ve felt the nudge to do something bold but couldn’t because of money. We often feel nudges — to move, to give, to quit a job, to downsize, to upgrade, to take that trip, to start that company. I now live a life free to follow the path God intended for me and can say yes to Him every time.

Thirdly, I keep taking FPU because I don’t deserve it. Let me clarify: I don’t deserve a new pair of shoes just because I’m upset I lost a big client. I don’t deserve to drive a Porsche because I work so hard during the week. I don’t deserve to buy a house because I’m tired of apartment living. I don’t deserve anything I haven’t earned! I’ve learned this, and yet I still find myself walking down the shoe aisle. Like everything else that is Christ-like, living financially free is not the norm. People will convince you that you deserve to feel good, regardless of the consequences. Taking FPU provides a community of people who are living against the grain alongside you. It’s a place to share your struggles and the triggers that make you want to spend, spend, spend. FPU keeps me accountable, and reminds me why it’s so important that I tell my money what to do, not the other way around.

If you’ve taken FPU in the past, chances are you’ve already put what you learned into practice. But taking the class a second — or third or fourth — time enables you to go even further, building upon step after step. The first time I took FPU I learned how to budget. The second time I figured out what an emergency fund should be. The third time I completed my emergency fund, and now I am learning how to invest for retirement. It’s a concept that is no longer elusive to me at all, and something you should absolutely prepare for. Let FPU show you how…

Our latest set of FPU classes launched this week and registration is closing soon! Click HERE to find a class time that fits your schedule! 


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