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  • Financial Peace University

    Are you positioned for the impact you want to make?

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Financial Peace University groups kick off throughout the year.

Most of us live our lives intentioned for impact. We live wanting to love those around us well. We want to help those in need, but the reality is, while we may be intentioned for impact we’re far from positioned for impact. Whether it’s that we’re living paycheck to paycheck, drowning in debt, or simply on a different page financially than our spouse, we simply aren’t positioned to help the people we want to help and live the lives we want to live. What if that could change?

What if money doesn’t have to make life and relationships harder? What if the answer isn’t always more? What if you had a solid plan for the future that you actually followed? Join us as we engage our finances from a new perspective. Join us as we pursue true financial freedom.

Our next set of classes will begin in Apr 2022. Please click on one of the buttons on the left to sign up!

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