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Six Ways to Keep Up Momentum After FPU

You’ve taken FPU, applied the steps and celebrated the wins. But now it’s all over. Those days of gazelle intensity seem so long ago and you’re wondering where to go from here. Here are six ways you can continue on your Baby Step journey:


1). Make the Baby Steps a habit

At Hoboken Grace, we often talk about Rhythms and the importance of building spiritual habits. Interacting finances in a spiritually healthy way is no different! So put those recurring meetings into your calendar to do your budget and intentionally set aside time to talk to your spouse or accountability partner!


2). Seek out accountability

One of the main reasons people are successful during FPU is the power a small group provides — whether that be encouragement, a pair of ears, advice or simply being there. If you’ve already been part of a dinner group for a while, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Now that FPU is over, talk about finances with people who have gone through FPU and encourage one another. Celebrate together. And get into a Dinner Group right away when they restart in January!


3). Write down and visualize your goals

There is power in writing down your goals and being able to visualize them! See this one as an example:


4). Take advantage of other FPU resources

There are a multitude of ways to stay plugged in with social media:

    1. Join and engage in the Hoboken Grace FPU community here
    2. Log into and watch or listen to the lessons again
    3. Subscribe to the Dave Ramsey podcast or follow his YouTube videos


5). Do it again!

We will restart FPU again in January. If you’ve already taken and paid for FPU, you can take it again at no additional cost!


6). Join the Stewardship team!

If God has stirred your heart and pursued you through finances and you want to help people do the same, contact us to find out about serving opportunities!


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