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6 Ways to Invite Someone To Dinner Group

More than half of the guys in John’s dinner group didn't join by signing up online, as some people do. They're guys he simply met and invited. “They’ll joke around, like, oh yeah, this guy tried to get me for six months before I finally joined a group,” John says. But even when it’s a joke, there’s also some truth [...]

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Sharing Dinner Around the World

When we launched our dinner groups this fall, we started hearing some incredible stories about lives being changed and community being formed. But one of the stories we never expected to see coming walking into this was that dinner groups started to take place around the world!   We currently have a group running at Ohio State University, a family group […]

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Family or Community? Do Both!

Choosing whether to have a family or be a part of a community doesn’t have to be an either-or-choice. I must admit, for the first 10 years of living in Hoboken, I never understood why it was so difficult to make plans with a parent. But that all immediately changed when I finally became a parent almost two years ago. Parents, we want and need you in Dinner Group with us!

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Common People. Common Table. Common Goal.

Dinner groups have always been at the core of Hoboken Grace. Every dinner group is made up of common people from diverse backgrounds, gathered at a common table, pursuing a common goal. It is a practical and hopeful pathway for everyone seeking a closer relationship with God. Whether you are [...]

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Show Up. Join In. Be Real.

Dinner Groups have started to meet and hope you’ve found a group to join! These groups exist to create community and provide a safe environment where people have the opportunity to pursue healthy relationships and spiritual growth. In the weeks come, here are three simple ways you can get the most out of your group.

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It’s Not That Simple

Comments can impacted the way we approach complicated conversations. Conversations about difficult questions are crucial. We need to learn how to have those conversations. We can’t just avoid them because they’re complicated, but as my friend stated, it needs to be given time. Which means there are a few practices we need to adopt as we engage.

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Supporting Others In a New Job

Sometimes the first few weeks of a new job or new career can be exciting, as well as difficult and challenging. So, how do we C.A.R.E. for our friends, coworkers, and group members who are dealing with the stress of starting a new job? C.A.R.E.S. CRISIS – Understanding the Elements of Stress in a New Job Starting a new job […]

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Supporting a Group Member Who is Moving

Whether it’s a first-time move or a series of moves, moving to a new home and a new area can be a stressful event in our lives. So, how do we C.A.R.E. for our group members who are moving to or from our community? C.A.R.E.S. CRISIS – Understanding the Stress of Moving Moving and buying a new home is not […]

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When Love Exceeds Expectations

After growing up in the foster care system, Heather was left with the feeling that God had abandoned her. It was one of the most difficult periods of her life, she says, one filled with more bad experiences than good ones. Years later, when her friend Meghan introduced her to Hoboken Grace, Heather had more than a few reasons to [...]

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5 Reasons to Sign Up for a Dinner Group

2019 Dinner Groups resume the week of January 7th and new groups launch January 21st. You can sign up for a Dinner Group now! Dinner Groups are a great way to find a place to belong, start building community by engaging with God, all while having fun. Here are 5 reasons we think you should join us for [...]

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5 Reasons Why A Dinner Group Is Worth Joining

In the next two weeks we have 88 dinner groups starting throughout our community. We know it can be a little scary to join a group for the first time, and we know how easy it is to find an excuse to miss out on this, but there’s too much to gain! Check out 5 reasons why you don’t want the excuses or [...]

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Encouragement Night

One of our favorite nights of the year as a Dinner Group is when we get to have an encouragement night. Encouragement night is an evening when we can take time to stop, reflect, and share on how we value and appreciate one another. Encouragement is something we’re already doing in groups by just showing up and being willing to […]

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