Friday Night Lights

Friday, 9/30 @ 7 p.m. – JFK Stadium

Don’t fumble for Friday night plans. We’ve got the whole nine yards covered!

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Ragtag Six Flags

Saturday, 10/1 @ 9:30 a.m. – meet at ACME

Drop a twist in your weekend, loop in some friends and strap yourself in for a Great Adventure!

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Photowalk III: WTC Edition

Sunday, 10/2 @ 3 p.m. – Oculus, WTC

Reframe your picture of life, increase your exposure, and crop out time to refocus what you zoom in on.

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Night of Prayer

Thursday, 10/6 @ 8 p.m., 301 Garden St.

Let’s fight for our city, our community and our world in prayer.

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Hoboken Shelter Volunteering

Friday, 10/7 @ 6 p.m.  –  Hoboken Shelter

If you’re not too fried, bake fun into your schedule to give back to the community and bring a batch of friends who will rise to the occasion!

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Weekend Warrior – Get those Steps in!

Saturday, 10/8 @ 10 a.m. – South Mountain Reservation

Charge your Fitbit, your Garmin or any other fitness tracker and challenge some friends!

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Coney Island

Saturday, 10/15 @ 11 a.m.

Relish the footlong fun.

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Moms Who Brunch

Saturday, 10/15 @ 11 a.m. – Weehawken

Unscramble your schedule and egg on some other mothers to join the fun. Because staying at home would be so quiché.

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Newcomer’s Brunch

Sunday, 10/16 @ 2 p.m. – Zack’s

Here’s an over easy opportunity to make egg-cellent new connections!

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Give Me Liberty!

Sunday, 10/16 @ 2 p.m. – Liberty State Park

Give your schedule a little freedom, it’d be an injustice to miss this Sunday Funday!

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Christmas Choir Singin!

Sunday, 10/16 @ 2:30 p.m. – 301 Garden St.

Don’t sing solo. Here’s the right key to a choir some new friends!

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Saturday, 10/22 @ 9:30 a.m. – 301 Garden St.

Your growth, turned up.

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