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301 Garden Street Hoboken, NJ

Service Times – 9:30am, 11am, and 12:30 pm

As the church burst onto the scene after Christ’s resurrection it seemed that no matter what came against it, it was an unstoppable force for good and love. It changed lives, turned cities upside down, broke down barriers of oppression that seemed they would last forever. It was an unstoppable force.
What was it that allowed the early church to impact with such gravity? What was it that allowed them to change the world forever? Join us for the month of January as we look at what it would take for us to move with courage in becoming an unstoppable force for good and love!

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Each week at Grace Kids we work to ensure that your child will experience a morning filled with exciting activities specially designed for each age group!  At Grace Kids we believe the truth, value, and virtues of the Bible should never be boring and good leaders always care. Your children are in a constant state of discovery; they are always trying new things and learning!  In Grace Kids we tap into that mentality so they can begin to experience God and see how much He truly loves them.  We are really excited to meet you and and your kid(s)!

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