His Church

It was just under 2000 years ago that Jesus Christ launched a movement that today we call the Church. It was a movement that has changed the world in unimaginable ways. It was to be a force of faith, hope, and love unlike anything the world had ever seen. In may ways it was and is, but from the day it began there has been a constant tension within this movement.

From the very first days of the Church there were those who wanted to twist the message of Jesus Christ to accomplish their own mission. From the first days there were those who worked not to see “His Church” become a reality, but to see their church become a reality.

Church history is full of these stories, and every time this movement is hijacked to build “Our Church” instead of “His Church” it becomes very ugly. Quickly it begins to lose those things which were meant to be fundamental; faith, hope, and love.

Join us for the next few weeks as we take a look at “His Church” and what He intended it to be and do. You may find that you don’t actually hate church so much as you hate what it can be twisted to become. You may find that what He intended is what you’ve dreamed of. You may find you want to join Him in a movement that still can change the world with faith, hope, and love.

June 15 – His Church: Because “Our Church” Sucks
June 22 – His Church: Holds Your Head While You Puke
June 29 – His Church: Has All The Right Moves
July 6 – His Church: Has a Body That Won’t Quit
July 13 – His Church: Turns Heads
July 20 – His Church: Is There In The Morning