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A Community Impact

In this ever-growing, ever-changing city, an annual event has taken root. For the past seven years, hundreds of people have come together in the name of community and love for a citywide day of service. Last year, local parks, businesses, schools and nonprofit organizations all felt the love as 400 volunteers banded together to create the largest 1Day ever!

Hoboken Grace will launch its eighth annual 1Day event on September 29th. Volunteers will pick from over 30 community service projects, from park cleanups to painting projects and small repairs in community centers.

The Hoboken Housing Authority is one of the many organizations we’ll be serving again this year. What began as assistance with garbage cleanup has evolved into several small-scale projects helping the housing authority staff further their efforts to keep six housing communities continuing to feel like home for those who live there.

“These projects make a huge difference in the appearance and upkeep of HHA properties. Words simply cannot express how much the efforts are appreciated,” said Rich Goddin, Director of Maintenance for the Hoboken Housing Authority.          

Last year’s volunteers also helped the Hoboken Evangelical Free Church with several projects, including painting a stairway, putting up drywall and building a garbage shed. “The team was great and super helpful,” said Pastor Dave Haney. “We were so blessed by the day.”                                                           

Coming together in community is one of the most important things we can do to share God’s love and become part of something bigger than ourselves. While we can always volunteer at projects on our own time, it’s when we come together that God’s love is undeniably evident. When we work together, our individual efforts are elevated on a grand scale. What might seem like only a few hours of time to us can make a world of difference to those on the receiving end of that contribution.

You’ve heard people say “it takes a village” and “charity begins at home.” We are that village and Hoboken is our home. We are so excited to see how this year’s 1Day will turn out.

To be a part of helping make Hoboken better in just one day, register here.

We can’t wait to see you there!


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