Because Child Care Shouldn’t Be Stressful

Hoboken Grace’s Amplify conference is a full day dedicated to growing in your relationship with God. But if you’re a parent, we get that it can be a hassle to set up child care for an entire day. That’s why we’ve done the work for you – child care during Amplify will be provided at Step By Step Learning Center, located at 720 Monroe St., Suite C-107, in the Monroe Center.

The staff at Step By Step have a fun day in store, with lunch and other activities planned.

And perhaps the best part? It costs just $20 for Amplify participants.

“Where else can you get child care all day long for $20?” says Jean, whose 7-year-old daughter stays at Step By Step during each conference.

While Jean says her daughter can be shy at first, especially in unfamiliar settings, she always seems to have fun at Step By Step.

“It’s just a really warm, inviting environment for children,” says Jean, adding that the staff provides snacks, crafts and other activities.

Her daughter has gotten used to the experience so much that she now attends summer camp at Step By Step — and going there during Amplify was a great introduction to that, Jean says.

What’s more, it’s allowed Jean and her husband to attend Amplify classes such as Marriage and Parenting together.

Titi and her husband have had a similar experience with Step By Step. They’ve been attending Amplify for several years, and taking advantage of the child care option has enabled them to take classes at the same time. Before child care was available, they’d each go for a half day, taking turns so someone would be home with their son.

“Since the facility has been made available, we’ve both been able to go together,” she says. “So that’s been fantastic.”

In addition, Titi says she’s always impressed with how clean the space is, which helps put her mind at ease.

The experience has been so great that her son, now 2½, attends Step By Step a few days each week. And whether he’s attending on a weekday or during Amplify, he always seems to have fun.

It’s a great option for any parents attending Amplify, she says.

“It’s just a fantastic facility,” says Titi. “It doesn’t cost much, and it frees you up to enjoy the day, without being worried about how well your child is being looked after.”

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