Anyone and Everyone

It’s never too late to join us in our Bible Reading Plan. We are reading through the New Testament in one year, one chapter per day. In Acts 16 we see God and the Holy Spirit defy race, social economics, background, and aptitude. Acts 16 is where we also see the church of Philippi formed, to which Paul will eventually write the book of Philippians.


Philippians is one of my favorites because it is filled with encouragement for this church. In most of Paul’s letters, he is trying to get churches back on track. Paul knows the people of this church personally and baptized them all. He is impressed with what they are doing and wants to encourage them to continue on. If you have not read Philippians, I encourage you to do it! It is only 4 chapters and will take you no longer than 10 minutes to read.


Back to Acts 16 where it all starts: there are three very different people that come together to form the first church in Philippi. First is Lydia, a very rich, intelligent, business-wise woman. Next we meet the poor, uneducated, demon-possessed slave girl. Finally, we are introduced to a blue collar, middle class, ex-Roman soldier, who is now working as a jailer. These three individuals have no business even knowing each other, let alone being friends with each other, but they are united because of the gospel.


This is what makes dinner groups so unique. We are groups of 8-10 people who are united by the gospel. They are led and made up of all different types of people: accountants, counselors, teachers, salesmen, architects, mothers, writers, college students, and more. There will always be a temptation in all of us to want to do life with those who are exactly like us, because it seems easier. Do not allow the tension of diversity of your group keep you from going. People do not have to be similar, or older, or smarter, or richer, more experienced or have gone to church longer than you for you to learn and grow with them. In the same way do not allow your imperfections to prevent you from uniting people through the gospel. God can use you. There is no limitation that he can not overcome.


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