Baptism: A Moment Of Clarity

At Hoboken Grace, we love celebrating impactful moments like baptisms. This time, at our 15th birthday celebration, we had the honor of seeing more people take that massive step in their faith.

Regardless of who you are, God is constantly pursuing you. He seeks to show you the many ways in which He can use you. Brenna recently realized this. Ever since witnessing her first adult baptism at Hoboken Grace, she felt moved to take that next step in her faith. 

The Story Team recently sat down with Brenna to learn a little bit more about her baptism.

Story Team: What was the feeling like when you got baptized?

Brenna: Although the day was filled with several mixed emotions of excitement and nerves, I did experience a distinct moment of clarity and peace after coming up from the water. I remember being completely overwhelmed by a joy I don’t think I have ever experienced before. I smiled and cried happy tears as I joined in on the celebration around me. There was no doubt in me that God was in the room.

Story Team: Who was up there with you?

Brenna: I was blessed enough to be surrounded by 4 special girls from my dinner group; one of them was also getting baptized alongside me that day. While the girls stood up there by my side, I had a ton of family and friends looking on from their seats. My parents and sisters, aunts and uncles, friends, cousins, all came out to celebrate this with me. I truly don’t think I have ever felt so loved. It was a core memory I will hold with me forever.

Story Team: For another Hoboken Grace community member who may be thinking about taking this step, what would you say to them?

Brenna: I say, absolutely. If the thought of getting baptized is being placed on your heart, trust that it is God’s will for you and take that step of faith. You may experience some fear and doubt but trust in your decision and lean in on your community. All of that will fall away in the moment. We are called to be baptized, being able to make this decision as an adult and make that public display of my faith has helped me strengthen and grow my relationship with God in so many ways.

Story Team: What made you take the step of baptism?

Brenna: Growing up in a different church, I was baptized as a baby and that was all I knew. When I started attending Hoboken Grace in October, I was able to witness my first adult baptism and it completely moved me. I knew almost instantly that it was something I wanted to do. I spent a lot of my life hiding my faith but as I deepened my relationship with God, I knew I wanted to step out in my faith in a public way in order to show it is now the biggest part of who I am.

If you have any questions about baptism, ‘What is Baptism‘ is held after every service on the first Sunday of the month!

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