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After their baptisms last week, Jena and Betsy sat down with Hoboken Grace’s Stories Team to talk about why they decided to take this step, who they shared this moment with and the advice they’d give others who are considering baptism as well. Our conversation with them appears below.


HOBOKEN GRACE STORIES TEAM: How are you feeling right now?

BETSY: I feel amazing. I was very excited and now I just feel content and proud of myself that I finally did this. I felt ready.

STORIES TEAM: What made you take the step of baptism?

BETSY: I actually felt I was ready a few weeks ago when I started my dinner group here at Hoboken Grace and I just wanted to take that extra step with God and build my relationship even stronger.

STORIES TEAM: Who was up there with you?

BETSY: My family, my mom came from out of state, my cousins, who actually sing here on the Worship Team, and my friends from dinner group. I also had my dad and my close friends who couldn’t make it, they were on Live [watching the live stream], and they sent me messages as soon as I was finished! And my brothers too, because I have family who lives out of state. I am grateful that [Hoboken Grace] has the Live option. My best cousin too, in Florida, she was online as well; everybody’s excited! I know they would have wished they could physically be here, but they were still here with me.

STORIES TEAM: For another Hoboken Grace Community member who may be thinking about taking this step, what would you say to them?

BETSY: I would say ‘just do it, don’t wait!’ The minute you feel ready, just do it and take that extra step because your life is going to change forever. I feel like my life has already started to change, so I know I am looking forward to this new additional beautiful journey that I am about to embark on. I am also trying to set an example for my daughter as well.

STORIES TEAM: How old is your daughter?

BETSY: She’s 3! She has been coming to Grace Kids and she loves it! After the baptism was over she said, “Mommy! I am ready to go back to class!” so she went back to Sunday School until I was done. 


STORIES TEAM: How are you feeling right now?

JENA: I am just overwhelmed and so grateful that I had so many family and friends there. Looking back on the past two years and the impact God has had on my life and all the amazing friendships I have made with the people at this church is overwhelming. I feel very blessed!

STORIES TEAM: What made you take the step of baptism?

JENA: I have known for a while that I want to follow in, and wherever Christ leads me now. So just seeing the other baptisms happen throughout the other weeks, I knew I could answer both of those questions wholeheartedly, YES!

STORIES TEAM: Coming out of all those beautiful relationships you’ve built, who did you have up there with you?

JENA: I serve on the Grace Kids team, with the fourth- and fifth-graders, so I had Jake there who is the other teacher, and he has been huge in my journey and my faith so far. Then I had all the people in my dinner groups over the past two years, just a great, amazing body of women who are there supporting me all the time. My parents came in from out of town and my sister surprised me! And some of the kids that I teach each week [were up there], so it was a good mix! 

STORIES TEAM: What would you say to someone who is sitting in the crowd at Hoboken Grace, just like you, watching the other baptisms…what would you say to them to encourage them to take this step?

JENA: I think the way my life has changed since I have chosen to follow Christ and not go back to my old ways has been amazing. The kind of transformation that He makes possible in your life is something that I would want everyone to experience. 

If you are wondering about the step of baptism, click here to learn more about our “What is Baptism Class?” that is held on the first Sunday of every month on the 2nd Floor of 301 Garden.

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