Bringing In The Muscle

In case you somehow haven’t already heard, this past Saturday Hoboken Grace hosted their annual Easter Egg Hunt, which keeps growing year after year. This year we got to help create happy memories for 6,215 participants. But, what makes the day so special are the volunteers. 417 of them to be exact and they don’t all attend Hoboken Grace – that’s the point.

This event is one of three events throughout the year that’s specifically designed to give anyone the opportunity to be part of something significant (The other two are 1Day, filled with community service projects, and the Hoboken Christmas Exchange.).

Anthony, Head Assistant Wrestling Coach at Stevens, understands that this isn’t about just one group of people loving others – it’s a community coming together to love their community.

“Every event is a great community event for my athletes…for them to serve and become better people.”

Some of his athletes have never heard of Hoboken Grace, but still showed up, seizing the chance to do something different with their Saturday. If you were there, you probably saw them hosting a variety of games and activities with the kids at the hunt.

Anthony shares, “As Christians we want to help, but deep down everyone wants to help.”

The proof is in their attitude. The team showed up, wanted to lift the heaviest objects to help out, and were so excited to be there.

“None of the events I share are mandatory. I give them opportunities to become a better wrestler, I want to make sure I also share opportunities to become a better person.”

What a great reason for an invitation. So glad you were all there to make the day so exciting!

This weekend the celebration continues into Easter! You’re invited to be part of any of our services.

Good Friday – 5:00pm | 6:30pm

Easter Celebration – Saturday – 5:00pm – Sunday- 8:30am | 10:00am | 11:30am | 1:00pm

301 Garden Street, Hoboken

(Volunteer Huddle Before the Event.)

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