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Praying Through Pain

Sometimes I find it hard to trust God. I have experienced His love and grace in such richness throughout my life, so I know He will prove faithful yet again. However during difficult seasons, my heart can easily seize up, unable to believe that He will truly meet me in the midst of my pain. My prayers become desperate with […]

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How A Rock Concert Changed The Way I Worship

I used to be such a stiff when it came to worship. Lifting my hands felt so awkward. I found it so hard to let go of wondering what people might be thinking of me. Then one May evening in 2009, everything changed. I was at a concert for one of my favorite bands, an indie group from Kansas City […]

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Crossroads. Where passion meets a need.

Paul Manansala dreams of a church at the heart of Jersey City’s bustling intersections, where people from all walks of life come together to discover God’s love. This December, he’ll launch Crossroad Community Church in the city’s West Side – a passion project God has been leading him to his whole life. Paul grew up in a church in Jersey […]

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Why We Create

If you’ve been attending any of our services regularly the past month or so, you may have noticed a few things.   We’ve started a dance team that choreographed and performed an original piece about baptism, our spoken word team has been writing and creating beautiful, poetic works, we’ve installed backdrops made from scratch, we created powerful activities at Teams […]

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That Fear Can Show You the Most Beauty

New York is not a city that believes in personal space – physical or mental. We stand nose to nose with total strangers on the subway, and continuously feed our minds an endless stream of news, emails and tweets. We’ve adapted to it, but for many of us, this noise and crush has become so familiar that we feel lost […]

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