Easter Egg Hunt 2022 Recap

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The Hoboken Grace Easter Egg Hunt is always one of the most anticipated events in New Jersey! Registrations were filled out as soon as they opened and in the days leading up to Saturday, one thing was for certain: we wanted this to be the best day ever for the children and their families.

Pastor Chris kicked off the egg hunt with a few words of encouragement and prayers. Everyone was ready to make this a day to remember, and with bunny ears on and smiling faces, the hay was laid out, the eggs were filled with treats and everything was prepared with a lot of care for the children and their families.

Pastor Chris was extremely excited to see everyone there: “Easter is absolutely our biggest celebration of the year and the Egg Hunt is all about bringing families in Hoboken together to enjoy this special time of year!”

Thousands of children flooded into Mama Johnson field throughout the day, bubbling with excitement and with their baskets ready. Before making their way to the hunt area, the children enjoyed plenty of games, fun arts and crafts and even a bouncy castle! 

The children waited anxiously for the hunt to kick off, each of them with one key goal in mind: finding and collecting as many colorful eggs as possible! When given the go-ahead, the children rushed through the hay, each going in different directions looking for those special eggs and the prizes inside of them – and the fun didn’t end there!

Five different Easter bunnies were eagerly waiting at the lawn and the shine in the eyes of the children was clearly visible when approached by the bunnies. Those beaming smiles from families and children in the photos tell the whole story of how special these moments were to them!

With baskets full of eggs, candy and with huge smiles on their faces,families headed home after a long day of fun. 

The Easter Egg Hunt drew in over 4,000 participants, with 35,000 eggs being collected throughout the day. It was a beautiful day, and despite a few stretches of clouds and rain – it didn’t stop everyone from having a great time! It was a day that was all about loving our community and Pastor Chris was excited at just how much this means as we look ahead, moving into our permanent space: “We love bringing events like this to our community and now that we’re moving into a permanent space we can’t wait to welcome and serve even more people moving forward!”

It was a great way to kick off Easter and this amazing season in which we remember the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made, showing just how much He loves us. We cannot wait for our Easter services this weekend – we have something very special planned! So don’t miss out, and join us this weekend!

Join us this Easter! Click here for more information!

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