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Finding Identity

If you’ve witnessed a baptism at Hoboken Grace, you already know what a huge event it is. But what could be a bigger celebration than Easter? That’s the next time we’ll be celebrating baptisms (both Saturday and Sunday of that weekend).

If you’re interested in taking that step, this Sunday is your chance to take What Is Baptism. The class will be offered after each service. The Family Life Team will walk you through the process and answer any questions. They’ll also talk about what it means to take that step.

For Emily, who got baptized several weeks ago, baptism symbolized a commitment in her relationship with God. It was an affirmation that He holds her identity, instead of her career.

The Writing Team recently asked her a few questions about her decision and her journey.


How did you start going to Hoboken Grace?

I started going to Hoboken Grace when I moved to Hoboken about three years ago. Before moving to Hoboken, I worked for a company that required me to live in four different cities for six months at a time over a two-year period. Because of that, my church attendance was spotty at best. When I moved to Hoboken to take a job with a new company, I was looking forward to more stability. I was happy to find Hoboken Grace and soon joined a dinner group. I enjoyed meeting new people and the life-applicable messages on Sundays.


What made you decide to get baptized?

I came to a point where I had clarity about who God is and what His purpose is, and I solidified my belief in Him. I wanted to further commit myself to following God and further develop a personal relationship with Him.


Were you hesitant or nervous about it at all?

Absolutely. I had been thinking about getting baptized for a while, but the main thing that prevented me from committing to it were thoughts that it hadn’t been long enough since I committed this or that sin. I also saw baptism as a sign of emotional vulnerability, and it made me nervous to be vulnerable in front of so many people.


What did it symbolize for you?

For me, baptism was a symbol of committing to an identity in Christ — opening myself up to the freedom that comes from following God and not allowing myself to be a slave to the ups and downs that come from finding identity in other places, which for me was my career.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about taking this step?

Thoughtfully consider getting baptized, and if there’s something that’s making you reluctant to take the step, share your reluctance with someone — your dinner group leader, Hoboken Grace staff, etc. You’ll likely find that others have overcome whatever is holding you back.


Have questions about baptism? Email Sarah at or attend What Is Baptism after service on Sunday.

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