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This past weekend was one for remember for sure. I think there’s a few key takeaways coming out of an Easter weekend like this one. – And some amazing photos to capture it.

1. Jesus walked out of that tomb for YOU. Sometimes we get lost in everything that surrounds us and the holiday, and forget that Jesus defeating death is an extremely personal thing. He knew you’d be here, reading this, and He wants you to know He’s on a crazy rescue mission to save you from spiritual death.

2. The myth that many of us believed was this, that this Easter story was built over generations. We learned this weekend that Paul and his letters give us more concrete resources than we might’ve previously thought.

3. God is alive and working. Yes, even right here. For those who got to serve throughout the weekend, you felt the energy and excitement. You got to see first-hand the people that walked through our doors for the first time, and you got to share a smile. You got to love thousands of people. And you got to see people take the step of baptism – a physical representation of a change happening in their life.


4. You are here for a purpose. You weren’t born here by accident. You didn’t move here without cause. God has you here on purpose, for a purpose. The only questions is – do we believe that?

5. Easter goes beyond any one of us, and yet comes back to each one of us. Looking back at the weekend, what did you see in others and what did you see God doing in you?

We hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

If you missed it, here’s the Easter conversation.

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